Why Freeze-Dried?

Yes, these are 100% Freeze-Dried! 

All of Nutristore’s premium food is 100% Freeze-Dried. While freeze-drying may be fairly unfamiliar to some, it has actually been around for over 100 years! It is the future in food innovation and preservation. Over the years, we have worked at perfecting the freeze-drying process to deliver the highest-quality, best tasting, long-term food to pantries and dinner tables across the globe.

Benefits of Freeze Drying:

  • Long-Lasting: With no unnecessary additives or preservatives, freeze-drying lasts up to 25-years, a perfect option for an emergency food supply!
  • Fresh Tasting: Locks in 97% of total nutrients retaining the color, shape, taste, and texture of freshly picked produce.
  • Food Innovation: Food has never been so versatile. Snack it. Serve it. Store it. The choice is yours! Save some space in the fridge! Always prewashed, precut, pre-sliced, and ready to eat straight from the can.
  • Quick Preparation: Just add water and the food will reconstitute to its original state in minutes. 
  • Beat Inflation: In 2021, food inflation was 75% above average. Stock up on food for storage and save on rising grocery prices.
  • Reduce Waste: The average household loses $1,500 a year to food waste. Freeze-drying helps save money on food that goes bad in just a few days. 

While dehydrating and canning foods can be good temporary food preservation techniques, they use heat which causes food to lose up to 60% of its original nutritional value, can include other unhealthy added preservatives, and have a very limited shelf life. Nutristore state-of-the-art freeze-drying, on the other hand, uses flash freezing technology to lock in nutrients of our high-quality produce just hours after being picked and harvested. This allows your premium freeze-dried food to stay fresh and nutrient-packed for daily snacking and serving or stored in your long-term emergency food supply, up to 25 years from now.

Freeze-drying also allows you to easily snack straight from the can or quickly rehydrate with water in minutes for a delicious ingredient that is perfect for adding to any recipe or meal.