Why Freeze-Dried?

There is no better method for food preservation than freeze-drying! Freeze-drying is a gentle process using sublimation to remove moisture without chemicals, preservatives, or extensive heat used in traditional dehydration methods. This unique delicate process retains the original nutritional value and provides several other benefits:

Clean Healthy Nutrition

Nutristore’s proprietary freeze dry technology ensures products retain 97% of their nutritional value while maintaining the color, shape, taste, and texture. No sneaky additives or preservatives, just clean healthy food.

25 Year Shelf Life

With a state-of-the-art facility and industry-leading manufacturing, our freeze dried food lasts up to 25-years, a perfect option for an emergency survival supply or food storage!


Snack it! Serve it! Store it! The choice is yours. Store it for long-term emergency food storage, serve it with your favorite meal, or use it for a perfect healthy daily snack. The options are endless.


Freeze drying food at peak nutrition locks in original flavor and freshness. Nutristore uses premium-quality ingredients with amazing taste and flavor that can be consumed straight from the can or rehydrated with water.

Quick Preparation

Products like fruits, vegetables, and cheese are delicious as is, while meats and meals can be prepared in minutes by just adding water.