Mac & Cheese with Broccoli

Mac & Cheese with Broccoli
Enjoy guilt-free comfort with our Healthy Broccoli Mac & Cheese. Creamy, cheesy, and packed with nutritious broccoli—a delicious twist on a classic favorite!

Prep Time

15-20 Mins

Serving Size

4-6 Servings


    1. Cook pasta in a large pot according to package directions, drain
    2. Meanwhile add spinach, milk and chicken broth to a blender and blend until mixed well.
    3. Add cottage cheese and freeze dried broccoli to the blender and mix smooth.
    4. Turn heat to medium on stove, add butter to pasta and then pour the blended mixture over the noodles.
    5. Add 1 cup rehydrated Nutristore shredded cheddar cheese (more if you’d like it cheesier) and mix until it’s melted in and incorporated
    6. Add garlic powder and salt and pepper to taste
    7. Enjoy!

    Recipe Submitted by Andrea Clark

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